Inspire, connect, act

Since 2017, every year, the World Summit on Sustainable Mobility brings together 5,000 participants from across the globe: companies, public and private decision-makers, startups, cities, public organisations and universities. This unmissable event creates the conditions to foster disruption, connections and action. The next Summit will take place in 2023.

15,500 participants
at Movin’On Summit 2021
This remarkable edition in a nutshell

Mission accomplished , to give our 15 500 participants who care passionately about sustainable mobility the means, contacts and desire to act throughout the year.

During the Summit they had the opportunity to:

Connect and collaborate with key ecosystem players in a setting that was one-of-a-kind, out of the ordinary and engaging.

Anticipate market developments and technological breakthroughs to keep one step ahead.

Discover cutting-edge innovations in mobility.

Understand how to influence and steer discussions towards the future of mobility.

Upgrade skills and discover new methodologies and tools for co-innovation.

In images: the Movin’On Summit 2021 edition

The 2021 Movin'On Summit will have left its mark both through its unique phygital experience and through the strong mobilization of the entire sustainable mobility ecosystem

Some 15,500 participants from 88 different countries took part in our rich program of over 100 interactive activities : conferences, forums, announcements and collaborative sessions that fostered co-innovation.

4 days of live programming

Live from Montreal, Paris, Singapore

Over 80 speakers and global experts

Over 40 collaborative sessions

Over 150 public and private organisations

Dive into this unprecedented experience.

Movin'On Summit: highlights

An exceptional program that addressed the major issues of sustainable mobility.

World-class speakers committed to the development of sustainable mobility.

Concrete initiatives that will change the reality of mobility in the long term to make it safer, cleaner, more efficient and accessible to all.

Watch the Daily, our dynamic daily recap shot live during the Summit in which  Asha Sumputh presents the highlights of each of the 4 days of the 2021 edition. A perfect way to relive some of the memorable moments.

Movin'On Summit:
content best-of

Movin'On Summit featured a wide range of formats and contents, each one a source of inspiration to move from ambition to action.

It was fast-moving with numerous memorable highlights: the announcement of the Movin'On shared governance by 10 CEOs, the sharing of concrete actions in the field of sustainable mobility, challenges that gave pride of place to Design, Startups, and also to the younger generation, who this year joined the movement in force and contributed to our combats and the ongoing work of the Movin'On ecosystem.

Discover here our best-of feature including announcements and concrete actions made by our partners within the Movin'On ecosystem.

Press Release

At the World Summit for Sustainable Mobility, Movin’On has speeded up its international development and is now launching the next steps towards sustainable mobility.