Mobility takes us forward

Created and inspired by Michelin in 2017,
Movin'On is the world's leading ecosystem of strategic anticipation
and co-innovation for sustainable mobility. 

Movin'On was established out of a common vision
shared by all its members: mobility is at the heart of human development,
but must evolve within a sustainable framework:
safer, greener, more connected, more inclusive, and more efficient. 

300 organizations Movin'On

It takes an ecosystem to innovate

Convinced that no single actor will be able to respond to today's and tomorrow’s challenges alone (from congestion to pollution and climate change), Movin’On gathers more than 300 key public and private stakeholders around this vision: large corporations, cities, countries, international organisations but also startups, academics and individuals from civil society. 

Movin'On brings the relevant expertise to promising initiatives and employs different ways of working. We provide our ecosystem with resources, processes, technology monitoring, operational support and best practice sharing worldwide. 

Acting in the public interest

Independent and not-for-profit, Movin'On supports the development of a sustainable mobility ecosystem and the deployment of concrete solutions for the benefit of all.


More mobility,
less impact

Movin’On works on concrete solutions and innovations to promote mobility, with two main objectives:

Improve society by implementing multiple complementary mobility solutions, which meet three criteria: efficiency, ethics and inclusion.

Act for the planet, fight climate change, air pollution and protect dwindling resources.