Think and Do

The Movin'On LAB is a think-and-do tank within which organizations act to anticipate, co-innovate and influence tomorrow’s mobility. Initially based in Europe, the Movin’On LAB has started to set root in North America and will soon reach Asia.

Together for a new mobility

The European Movin’On LAB brings together organizations who wish to pool their expertise to advance safer, more sustainable, more efficient and more inclusive mobility.

The European Movin'On LAB has 27 members who work throughout the year on both strategic anticipation (Think) and mobility project development (Do). The Lab acts with the 250 organizations of the Movin'On ecosystem, through calls for proposal according to the needs of the projects, particularly for Communities of Interest.

Movin’On LAB Founding Corporate Advisory Board Membership annual fees: 50,000 € ex VAT.