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Movin'On is a unique opportunity to discuss sustainable mobility with your peers

Connect with us on social media to get all the latest on sustainable mobility: government decisions, new corporate projects, city trials, positions and actions taken by non-trading companies, etc.

Join the community discussion on mobility for people and goods, to develop transport that's safer, cleaner, more efficient and more inclusive. Offer your opinion, discuss ways to drive mobility forward together.
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  • Linkedin, the professional social network, enables you to get involved in the discussions at movinonconnect between major mobility specialists and bloggers from around the world, and to get an idea of the key challenges these developments pose.
  • On Facebook, the movinonconnect page brings you the major changes affecting the general public and allows you to bring your ideas to the table.
  • On Twitter, you can stay up to date on the latest news from mobility players, as well as general developments in this growing sector.
  • Instagram is the best way to keep up with the highlights of Movin'On 2019, from June 3rd to 6th, 2019.