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Minimizing the environmental footprint of your IT equipment: A best practice guidebook for sustainable IT lifecycle management

12 companies have come together with BNP Paribas 3 Step IT to address the reuse of IT equipment.
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MACIF avec Movin'On participe activement à l'essor du véhicule autonome

Autonomous vehicles: from urban technology to inclusive, sustainable mobility for all?

Discover the MACIF's report presented at Movin'On Summit 2021
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Movin’On mobility survey led by Kantar – The imperative collaboration

Sustainable mobility is like the Everest, joining forces is key to reaching it. Young people expect a lot from public and private authorities.
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Movin’On mobility survey led by Kantar – The 15-minute city for daily life but still a world to discover

18-34 year old want to change things, without giving up the notion of pleasure. This generation is in favour of a life within a 15-minute radius.
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Movin’On mobility survey led by Kantar – The sustainable choice

COVID has hindered mobility. But it has also accelerated trends like chosen mobility, bike use, walking and clean cars.
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Movin’On mobility survey led by Kantar – The first multimodal generation

GEN Z is more pragmatic than idealistic. Refusing to reject any means of transportation, they are the first truly multimodal generation.
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How can mobility data management play an important role in helping cities embrace evolving societal and business needs?

A collaborative work between cities and the Movin'On ecosystem on the subject of mobility data
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How do we merge a sustainable trucking sector into a hydrogen economy?

Hydrogen is an import driver in the transition to sustainable transport. The industry is poised for innovation.
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Getting zero-emission vans and trucks on the road | Kick-off Session

Movin’On provided TDA, The Climate Group/EV100 & CALSTART/Drive to Zero a virtual Kick-off Session: "Where are the Zero-Emission Freight Vehicles?"
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Circular economy

This report focused on how managing circular economy, new technologies and life cycles of new materials, and Innovation in circular economy.
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Multimodal urban transit and society

This report explores how social trends, public transit, transportation habits, technology and safety have an impact on New mobilities.
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Goods transportation and multimodality

Dive into logistics for cities & citizens & End-to-end logistics for goods transportation over long distances as well as last-mile delivery.
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