Movin’On mobility survey led by Kantar – The first multimodal generation

Movin'On, the world's leading ecosystem for sustainable mobility, presents the results of a survey conducted by leading market research partner Kantar among young, urban and environmentally committed students and working people (18-34 years old).

Here is one of the four major insights which emerged from this qualitative survey conducted in Europe and North America :


When travelling, young people use the means of transportation that is most convenient and matches their budget. Sustainability comes next: pragmatism over idealism.


They are the generation that uses public transport most. But they are not blindly satisfied. They call for drastic improvement in the service, meaning more comfort, better quality time while travelling, better interconnection with other means of transport, and, in North America, cheaper prices.

Public transport accounts for 31% of the transport used by GenZ, compared with 25% for GenX and beyond.


They remain just as attached to the idea of owning a car as the previous generations. But they want it to be clean.

32% of Gen Z and 38% of GenY consider that owning a car is an important step in their lives (versus 34% for GenX and beyond).


More than 36% of 18-34 year olds will definitely or are very likely to buy an EV (compared to 16% for the previous generation).

“The car is expensive, for sure, but the car is essential with the children etc. I know that in a year, I will switch to an electric car. If you're addicted to cars like me, it's still the best compromise on the carbon footprint.”


These digital natives are able of choosing the best compromise for their mobility needs, including their budget and commitment to the environment. They are always looking to optimise their trip, establishing a smart balance between duration, practicality, cost and sustainability, taking advantages of all available possibilities.

61% of Gen Z and Y use shared mobility applications, compared with 27% for Gen X.


Interconnecting with other means of transports is key for them.

As the first generation that has fully embraced multimodality, they are ready to use any and all means of transportation as long as their needs and expectations are met.