How do we merge a sustainable trucking sector into a hydrogen economy?

The impact of the global pandemic in early 2020 forced a rapid pivot from the traditional physical working sessions held during the Movin’On Summit in Montreal to a digital format that allowed the continued safe engagement with the mobility ecosystem.

Following the programming structure of the Movin’On Summit, and evolving under the major theme of “designing new global transport efficiency” and sub-theme of “transitioning to sustainable transport”, a community of interest working session was planned in coordination with the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA). Michelin had been previously associated with the AZETEC (Alberta Zero Emission Truck Electrification Collaboration) hydrogen fuel cell pilot project for which AMTA was the lead sponsor. The existing engagement of transport companies, truck OEM’s, technology companies, academia, financial institutions and government agencies made for easy alignment with the structure of a Community of Interest working session.

The working session was launched during the Movin’On Summit Digital Meetings event on 3-4 June. The burning question developed by the core team was “How do we merge a sustainable trucking sector into a hydrogen economy?“

The session was introduced by Robert Radulescu, Executive Research Fellow with Michelin North America; working session background and objectives were presented by Marcel Pouliot, AMTA Board of Directors, and Jessica Lof, Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research CESAR) at the University of Calgary.