Goods transportation and multimodality

Focused on logistics for cities and citizens and End-to-end logistics for goods transportation over long distances as well as last-mile delivery, this theme explores the optimization of goods transportation in cities and between cities in order to enhance sustainability while preserving citizens’ quality of life.

From smart port digital transformation to replacing the hub-and-spoke with autonomous networks to reducing the impact of goods delivery on cities in Asia, Europe and North America, people-focused ways of improving multimodal goods transportation take centre stage.


The Minutes 2019, focussed around this year’s 5 key topics, offer you a comprehensive account of the highlights, insights, and lessons to retain from this Movin’On Summit 2019. From micromobility to urban planning, including goods transportation, what solutions are revolutionizing global mobility?

Multimodal urban transit and society

This report explores how social trends, public transit, transportation habits, technology and safety have an impact on New mobilities.
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Circular economy

This report focused on how managing circular economy, new technologies and life cycles of new materials, and Innovation in circular economy.
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Decarbonization and Air Quality

This report explores local and global environmental issues in light of the Paris Agreement on climate change.
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