The Movin’On Challenge Design 2021 awards three pionnering projects for inclusive mobility

  • All projects submitted aim to make mobility more inclusive, , regardless of age, disability, economic situation or geographical location
  • Winning designs were announced on June 3 at Movin'On Summit, the World Summit on Sustainable Mobility.
  • Since its inception in 2001, Challenge Design has received more than 14,000 entries from 134 countries.


June 3, 2021 – Movin’On, the leading co-innovation ecosystem for sustainable mobility, announces the three winners of the Movin'On Challenge Design. This year’s theme is "RESPECT: ending isolation and conquering the mobility divide".


Drew Spahn’s “Crosswing” concept took the top spot in the Movin’On Challenge Design’s 2021 global competition. The New Jersey design student created the concept Crosswing to enable people with amputations to move around cities more efficiently by giving them the ability to skate for transport or leisure. The crosswing provides the same walking assistance as a prosthetic leg but offers a riding experience that compares to a skateboard or pair of skates.

All 170 entries this year sought to create inclusive mobility for those who are often overlooked when mobility solutions are being designed. The solutions proposed demonstrated a strong enthusiasm and commitment to this theme, which inspired some very innovative and varied concepts.


The second-place was awarded to Danish design student Stefan Perriard for a car-free city concept, Tramo, making the future city more about people and less about cars. Tramo is an autonomous mobility solution that moves at walking speed, allowing people to “hop on hop off” at any time for trips that are too long to walk but too short to use other means of transportation.


In third place, Colombian architect and designer Elkin Alejandro Cruz Castro reimagined urban inclusivity through a system that brings urban activities to peri-urban areas, thus avoiding the daily commuting of inhabitants towards study, work, culture areas ... The project is designed as small buildings that are mobile, modular, and flexible.


Entries for Movin’On Challenge Design came from all over the world from individuals, students, schools and cross-functional teams of designers including professional studios, teachers, artists, architects, engineers.

The 2021 honorees were announced live from the Movin’On Summit. In addition to the three winners, 13 concepts received “Judges Awards”.



  • First Place: Drew Spahn of the U.S. (New Jersey), Kean University, for design entry “Crosswing.”
  • Second Place: Stefan Perriard of Denmark, Royal Danish Academy – Design, for entry “Tramo. Mobility for the car-free city.”
  • Third Place: Elkin Alejandro Cruz Castro of Colombia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, for design entry “Nomada! Solve the right problem: Urban Inclusivity.”


Judges Awards

  • Dragan Mamic of Germany, Pforzheim University, for design entry “Tube - Shuttle for Athletes of the Paralympic Summer Games 2028 in LA.”
  • Anatolii Sizov of Ukraine, student of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts, Ukraine; for design entry “Volkswagen Kalmar.”
  • Siavash Jafari Jozani of the U.S. (California), for design entry “T.FLEX.”
  • Sebastian Weigand of Germany, graduate of Pforzheim University, for design entry “UX – Urban Sharing Experience.”
  • Jung Taek Cho of Republic of South Korea, former student of Department of Graphic Design at Hankyong National University, for design entry “Volvo Atrium.”
  • Ivan Galin of Russian Federation, 3rd-year student at Stieglitz Academy, for design entry “Clothing Delivery Vehicles for people with musculoskeletal problems.”
  • Kiran Babu of the U.S. (California); ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena; for design entry “Concept Holosafe.”
  • Benjamin Smith of the U.S. (New Jersey), Michael Graves College of Design at Kean University, for design entry “Clean Slate: the mobile hygienic solution.”
  • Loannis Stergiadis of Greece, IAAD University of Torino, for design entry “Volvo Bubble.”
  • Seongha Lee of Republic of South Korea, Byunghyun Bae of Incheon of Korea Republic, Byungyoon Jung of Goyang, Korea Republic, Minsun Lee of Goyang, Korea Republic all graduates of Kookmin University, South Korea, for design entry “Orbit.”
  • Cédric Rouvroy, Henri Oeschlin and Antoine Fornies of France and Alex Luke of India, for design entry “Dystrophic Diseases Project.”
  • Hui Ying Hsu, Chen Xiang-Yun and Shih-Hsuan Chiu of Taiwan, for design entry “TeaChair.”
  • Gustavo Mejia Perez, Alicia Avila Cruz, Veronica Lizet Avila Baca, Maria Fernanda Lugo Miranda, Pablo Antonio Marroquín Martínez and Mauricio Rodriguez Hernandez, for design entry “Hope.”
  • Gustavo Mejia Perez, Alicia Avila Cruz, Veronica Lizet Avila Baca, Maria Fernanda Lugo Miranda, Pablo Antonio Marroquín Martínez et Mauricio Rodriguez Hernandez, pour le projet "Hope".


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