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Qu’est-ce qui freine la voiture électrique ?


Une transition imminente vers la mobilité électrique

L’Europe s’est fixé des cibles ambitieuses afin de réduire ses émissions de GES provenant du transport d’ici 2030 :

  • Véhicules privés : -37,5 % comparativement au niveau de 2021
  • Transport léger : -31 % comparativement au niveau de 2021
  • Transport lourd : -30 % comparativement au niveau de 2019

« [Les fabricants d’équipement] savent qu’ils devront aller vers des véhicules sans émission,

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Sink or swim: Bangkok’s climate crisis


The cost of climate change

“Bangkok is sinking more than one centimetre per year … but that is four times faster than the rate of predicted sea level rise,”

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Les Notes Movin’On 2019 sont arrivées

Le Sommet Movin’On en chiffres, c’est 5 000 participants venus de 55 pays pour échanger, apprendre et faire émerger, ensemble, des solutions novatrices pour une mobilité durable.

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Businesses and cities: Partners in mobility

Building a climate of trust is the foremost challenge facing stakeholders in energy transition, and it’s particularly relevant in the transportation
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Labs at the Movin’On 2019 Summit: hello, new ideas


Risk taking + collaboration = new ideas

As psychologist Nancy C. Andreasen points out in her article in The Atlantic Secrets of the Creative Brain: the most creative people often share a certain personality style.

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What Innovative technologies have been presented at Movin’On Summit?

Data and intelligence represent both the solutions to and sources of concern regarding most transportation challenges. When it comes to determining who owns the data,

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Learning, thinking, doing: how working sessions are moving from ambition to action at the Movin’On Summit

It’s one thing to listen to an inspiring talk, but nothing beats putting concepts to the test yourself. That’s why working sessions are such an important part of the Movin’On Summit experience.

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2019 programming


The Movin’On Summit, June 4-6, offered a tremendous program .

By taking a moment to review the roster of world-class speakers and guests,

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For people living with disabilities and beyond: accessibility benefits all

By designing transportation solutions accessible to people living with disabilities, startups, labs and investors. 

According to the World Health Organization,

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