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15-minute city movin'on

The 15-Minute City: Keeping It Local, Green and Thriving

“There is an appetite for more livable, people-oriented cities that has been reinforced by the Covid-19 crisis, driving a surge of interest in the 15-minute city,”

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charging line electric vehicle

America’s Motor City Travels Electric Road to Resurrection

The City of Detroit, birthplace of the American auto industry, is about to install the nation's first electric road.
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Sustainable Transport Award Honors Pioneer Cycling City

Sustainable Transport Award Honors Pioneer Cycling City
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Public Input Forges Vancouver’s Healthy Transportation Future

TransLink is the people mover, and its newly approved expansion plan reflects input from thousands of people.
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EV Batteries production Movin'On

World Reaches for Smarter, Smaller, Safer EV Batteries

The breakneck speed of today's global EV battery research scene is intense in the United States
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Porsche Movin'On Formula E Electric

Porsche Taycan Out Front for Formula E Racing Season

Porsche’s first all-electric sports car - the Porsche Taycan Turbo S - is the new ABB FIA Formula E World Championship Safety Car
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CES 2022 Movin'On

CES 2022: Fresh Visions on the Journey to Electric Mobility

CES 2022 confirmed its reputation as an exciting place to debut new automotive technology and compete for public attention.
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Turkey Gets 100 Green Buses for ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean’

The two million residents of Mersin will soon enjoy clean, modern public transport as 100 new buses are set to replace an ageing diesel bus fleet.
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Struggling to Breathe, Delhi Bans Petrol, Diesel Vehicles

To keep Delhi's smothering air pollution in check, only CNG and electric vehicles were allowed into the city from November 27 until December 3
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Electric SuperTrucks - Movin'On

Seriously, Here Come the Electric SuperTrucks

The latest evolution of the Department of Energy SuperTruck program, Supertruck 3, will spend US$199 million to fund innovative projects.
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American EV Battery Independence

America’s Urgent Drive for EV Battery Independence

U.S. automakers have already invested billions in preparing to produce electric vehicles. But - there's a big problem.
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Zero Traffic Fatalities in Cities Across America - Movin'On

Envision This: Zero Traffic Fatalities in Cities Across America

On a mission to increase safety on American streets, the 2021 Vision Zero Cities Conference opened virtually on October 20.
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