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Top down view of cars and the traffic jam on Sathon Road in Bangkok Thailand

Thailand Welcomes EV Producers with Investment Incentives, Tax Breaks

In Thailand automakers are gearing up for electric vehicle production after the Thailand Board of Investment approved 24 new electric vehicle project
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car factory Movin'On electric vehicles

Ford’s US$3.7B Investment Will Brighten America’s Rust Belt

Ford is adding thousands of new jobs to boost production of its first full-sized electric truck, the F-150 Lightning
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Movin'On Challenge Design winners

Movin’On Challenge Design 2022: the 3 winning projects are finally revealed

Movin'On unveil the three winners of the Movin'On Challenge Design, whose theme for the 2022 edition was "DELIVERED: bringing people what they need".
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Canadian Lab Creates Tesla’s New Million Mile Battery

Tesla’s Canadian battery research partners have released a paper on a new battery cell that could last over one million miles
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bus electriques Movin'On

Latin America’s Largest E-Bus Fleet Navigates the High Andes

The city with the largest electric bus fleet in South America is not the continent's most populated, but it is elevated above most places.
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Lithium Demand Propels Contested US Mining Claims

Lithium Demand Propels Contested U.S. Mining Claims

The caldera holds one of the world's largest deposits of lithium, an essential component of EV batteries.
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electric vehicles batteries electriques movin'on

India’s Deadly Electric Scooter Fires Prompt New Battery Policy

India's Union government is on the verge of releasing standards for electric vehicle batteries, after more than a dozen recent incidents.
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metrobus washington movin'on electric vehicule

Public Pressure Builds to Decarbonize U.S. Capital’s Bus Fleet

The coalition wants it replaced with a plan that accelerates the transition to an all-electric fleet to serve the 5.4 million residents.
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production electric vehicule movin'on

Canada’s First EV Assembly Line a Public-Private Venture

Canada's Liberal government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is investing C$250+ million dollars to partner with General Motors
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A Japanese First: Tokyu Rail Switches All Trains to Renewables

A Japanese First: Tokyu Rail Switches All Trains to Renewables

Soon it will be a little easier to breathe in Tokyo. Starting today, Japan’s Tokyu Corporation will run all its railway services on solar,

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smog urban traffic los angeles

Biden Restores California’s Right to Set U.S. Clean Car Standards

Nearly a million fossil-fueled cars on Los Angeles freeways every day contribute to the smoggy air enshrouding the city.
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china infrastructure

China Forges Ahead With Transport Infrastructure Expansion

China is flexing its transportation muscles reaching westward across China and Central Asia into Europe.
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