Movin’On and the Entretiens Jacques Cartier partner up to advance the subject of ethics and mobility data

For the 33rd Entretiens Jacques Cartier that will be held in Lyon on November 2-6, 2020, Movin'On will act as a collaborative partner on the subject of mobility data and its governance. In association with the Metropolis of Lyon, the City of Montreal and the LabEx IMU of the University of Lyon, Movin'On will propose on November 3 and 4 creative workshops and a collaborative approach to break the locks and move forward together towards an ethical management of mobility data.


During these two half-days, the working sessions, round-table discussions and keynotes will provide an opportunity to cross public and private, academic and scientific perspectives. The collaborative workshop, facilitated by Movin'On, will feed into the work of the Movin'On Community of Interest led by the metropolises of Lyon, Montreal and Boston to answer the question "How can mobility data management play an important role in helping cities embrace evolving societal and business needs? »


Movin’On Community of Interest on ethics and mobility data – Lyon, Montreal, Boston


More and more cities see mobility data as a common good that would allow better planning of services and better sharing of public space. The development of an integrated mobility model requires data sharing between various stakeholders. To be sustainable and adopted by all, it must address data confidentiality and privacy concerns. From this perspective, ethics is a key question.


The City of Boston, the metropolis of Lyon and the City of Montreal are working together to produce a common manifesto to define the main principles of action that should frame the sharing of data in mobility with a view to the common good.


Chapter 1 "Public Access and Governance" of this manifesto was shared during Movin’On Digital Meetings in June 2020. The interim report is available here. The Entretiens Jacques Cartier will feed into the writing of Chapter 2 "Ethics ". The entire manifesto (4 chapters) will be published in June 2021 during the next Movin'On Summit.

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