Michelin and AFNOR invite experts to join the working session of their Community of Interest

Working session to take place virtually on April 28, 2021, 11 am - 2.30pm (ETC - Paris Time)


The world appears more and more connected: infrastructures, vehicles and citizens exchange data... At the same time, mobility challenges appear to be just as important highlighted by the current pandemic issues. Back to the private car or to public transportation? Development of new integrated mobility services to improve citizens' comfort and experience. Autonomous vehicles. Data security.


These are all topics that resonate daily. Many challenges arise for citizens and the cities they live in, and for the manufacturers who bring their technology and know-how.


In this context, and in the framework of Movin’On ecosystem, Michelin and AFNOR initiate a new dynamic around smart city standards, to make them more accessible to all and thus enable the harmonious and safe deployment of new mobility solutions.


On April 28th, AFNOR and Michelin are bringing together experts to join a virtual session of their Movin’On Community of Interest and to address this very challenging topic:


“Towards better standardisation of smart cities for better and safer mobility”


Communities of Interest are working groups that bring together several ecosystem stakeholders. They investigate a common chosen topic and experiment new mobility solutions together.


Experts who will join this session are academics, cities, companies, startups, institutions. They are from various domains: standardization specialists, city transport authorities and innovation directors, technical experts in the mobility field (automation, connectivity…).


The working session will be split into 3 groups of between 8 and 10 experts each, working on one specific sub-question of the subject:


1. What needs to be standardized? The governance benefits of interoperable solutions and a universal framework.


2. Market standard or international standard? How best to serve the general interest for citizens and the community?


3. Standard and diversity? How to reflect the diversity of situations in cities through the uniformity of a standard? How can we better relay and carry the voice of cities in complex standardization forums?


If you are a leading expert in this domain, and feel your contribution can advance the subject, please contact Pascal Goumault directly at pascal.goumault@michelin.com

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