From the Summit to the Digital Meetings, Movin’On Rose to the on-line Challenge!

A month ago, we started this project from scratch. Last week, we successfully rose to the major challenge of gathering sustainable mobility leaders, experts and enthusiasts from around the globe online.

Thanks to the support of our partners, startups, collaborators, the Movin’On team and all participants, we collectively achieved our goal of bringing thousands of people together to maintain our innovation momentum, to reconnect with the year-round work on the future of mobility, and to honor the brightest talents and their promising mobility solutions.


Communities of Interest


Five of the many Movin’On Communities of Interest showcased their innovative work in the digital sessions. Over 1,700 mobility experts and enthusiasts observed some 100 high-level sustainable mobility stakeholders working together using the newly invented digital methodology.

And this is only the beginning... There are over 20 active Communities of Interest hard at work challenging the status quo and collectively working to discover actionable solutions for mobility that is cleaner, safer, more accessible and more efficient.


Movin’On Start-up Challenge


For its first digital edition, the 2020 Movin’On Startup Challenge reached an unprecedented 3,500 participants and recorded a total of 3,800 interactions with the Slido platform. That is what we call true engagement in the future of sustainable mobility.

Without further ado, the audience and the judges have spoken! The winners are:

GBatteries | Advanced Charging, a startup based in Ottawa, Canada which is developing a technology focused on the ultra-fast recharging of lithium-ion batteries. Theme: Combating climate change and air pollution

ONO, a Berlin-based startup offering clean and sustainable transport solutions for urban areas. Theme: Improving multimodal mobility

N-Vibe, a French startup that has devised vibrating GPS bracelets for people who are blind or have a visual impairment. Theme: Promoting safe and accessible mobility

Everty, an Australian startup based in Sydney that has developed innovative recharging software for electric vehicles. Theme: Designing more global transport efficiency

Addionics, a startup based in the UK and Israel providing rechargeable batteries that have redesigned architecture and a new 3D metal fabrication method. Theme: Preserving resources

Five solutions labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation

As part of the strategic partnership signed in March 2020 between Movin’On and the Solar Impulse Foundation, the two organizations have worked hand in
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Movin’On and the Entretiens Jacques Cartier partner up to advance the subject of ethics and mobility data

On December 2, Oracle and Movin’On are bringing together experts.
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