Five solutions labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation

Five concrete and innovative solutions have been selected from the Movin'On ecosystem, and are now labeled #EfficientSolution by the Solar Impulse Foundation.


As part of the strategic partnership signed in March 2020 between Movin’On and the Solar Impulse Foundation, the two organizations have worked hand in hand to identify solutions capable of transforming mobility and making mobility more sustainable.


These 5 solutions join the project #1000solutions launched by the Solar Impulse Foundation, which aims at encouraging decision makers to adopt more ambitious environmental targets and energy policies.


Movin'On has assembled its ecosystem of start-ups, large companies, investors, public authorities and academics. The Solar Impulse Foundation has set up a rigorous selection process by a community of independent and duly selected experts. To obtain the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, projects must prove their ability to meet the following criteria: economic profitability, technological feasibility and positive socio-environmental impact.


The joint work carried out by the Solar Impulse Foundation and Movin'On has already led to identify 5 solutions that will benefit from the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label :


  • Li-Cycle Technology: An affordable, safe and sustainable technology that recovers more than 95% of all materials contained in lithium-ion batteries

Company: Li-Cycle Corp. (Canada)


  • Simplanterou: A tool for evaluating and comparing locations for your company, to reduce employees commuting time and carbon footprint

Company: e-attract (France)


  • Mimo-C1: A cargo e-scooter that cant transform into a trolley in 3 seconds to accelerate first/last mile delivery

Company: Mimo Motor (Singapour)


  • Ebikes4Africa: An access to affordable e-mobility and solar recharging in remote African regions, thanks to customized container hubs that meet the needs of local communities

Company: Ebikes4Africa (Namibie)


  • DecisionX: An AI-based technology hat optimizes aircraft engine performance, saves fuel and reduces CO2 emissions for a more sustainable and more profitable aviation.

Company: Satavia (United Kingdom)



Thanks to this Label, these 5 solutions will benefit from growth opportunity, access to investors and new markets. Other solutions are currently under evaluation in order to obtain this label and thus accelerate their development.

Movin’On Virtual Community Sessions successfully kicked off by leading sustainable energy and finance figures


The objective of the Community of Interest is ultimately to deliver a library of tested and approved solutions.

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