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Five solutions labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation

Five concrete and innovative solutions have been selected from the Movin’On ecosystem, and are now labeled #EfficientSolution by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

As part of the strategic partnership signed in March 2020 between Movin’On and the Solar Impulse Foundation, the two organizations have worked hand...

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Movin’On and the Entretiens Jacques Cartier partner up to advance the subject of ethics and mobility data

For the 33rd Entretiens Jacques Cartier that will be held in Lyon on November 2-6, 2020, Movin’On will act as a collaborative partner on the subject of mobility data and its governance. In association with the Metropolis of Lyon, the City of Montreal and the...

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Movin’On Virtual Community Sessions successfully kicked off by leading sustainable energy and finance figures : Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse Foundation) & Constance Chalchat (BNP Paribas).

On October 8, BNP Paribas, Solar Impulse, Michelin and Engie mobilised networks to develop solutions that scale up energy efficiency and reinvest gains in energy transition.

The objective of the Community of Interest is ultimately to deliver a library of tested and approved solutions.


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From the Summit to the Digital Meetings, Movin’On Rose to the on-line Challenge! 

A month ago, we started this project from scratch. Last week, we successfully rose to the major challenge of gathering sustainable mobility leaders, experts and enthusiasts from around the globe online.

Thanks to the support of our partners, startups, collaborators, the Movin’On team and all...

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Movin’On World Summit on Sustainable Mobility Cancelled in 2020

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Movin’On team has decided to cancel the World Summit on Sustainable Mobility, which was due to be held in Montreal on 3, 4 and 5 June 2020.

Commenting on the cancellation, Florent Menegaux, President of the Michelin Group, and...

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Read the Movin’On Summit 2019 Minutes about Sustainable Mobility concrete solutions

The Movin’On Summit by the numbers is 5000 participants from 55 different countries coming together under the same roof to discuss, learn, and collectively find innovative concrete solutions for sustainable mobility.

For two and a half days, 100 experts took turns on stage for more...

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Full charge ahead

Although sales of electric vehicles saw huge growth between 2015 and 2018, they still only represent about 2-4% of the overall car market in countries with high rates of car ownership such as China, the U.S. and France. OECD countries expect to see rates rise...

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Sink or swim: Bangkok’s climate crisis

In drawing attention to the consequences of climate change that are already occurring worldwide, pioneering landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom warned a rapt audience at the opening of the 2019 Movin’On Summit that achieving sustainable mobility is about more than improving traffic congestion, urban infrastructure or...

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Businesses and cities: Partners in mobility

Building a climate of trust is the foremost challenge facing stakeholders in energy transition, and it’s particularly relevant in the transportation industry, according to Sandra Sucher, economist and Professor of Management Practice at the Harvard Business School. With that in mind, Total is an energy...

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Labs at the Movin’On 2019 Summit: hello, new ideas

If you’ve attended the Movin’On Summit in the past, you probably remember the Labs. Perhaps you even took part in one of these experiences, which are designed to bring out new ideas by getting you out of your comfort zone. Labs are unique learning experiences...

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What Innovative technologies have been presented at Movin’On Summit ?

Data and intelligence represent both the solutions to and sources of concern regarding most transportation challenges. When it comes to determining who owns the data, how to protect it and its most effective uses, the answers are not always clearly defined. As we approach 2021...

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Learning, thinking, doing: how working sessions are moving from ambition to action at the Movin’On Summit

It’s one thing to listen to an inspiring talk, but nothing beats putting concepts to the test yourself. That’s why working sessions are such an important part of the Movin’On Summit experience. In the form of a 90-minute Think Tank led by renowned experts, working...

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