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General Motors, Ford Race to Capture Fleet Electrification Market

Six million commercial electric vehicles will be operating globally by 2025, and even today there are 600,000 e-buses on the roads of the world.

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Olympic Athletes Will Ride in Toyota’s Latest Zero-emissions Vehicles

One of Japan’s goals for the Olympics this summer is to achieve the lowest emissions level of any official fleet of vehicles ever used at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Saudi Arabia’s Ambitious Dream – to Link Three Continents

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil producer, now aims to become a global logistics hub connecting three continents – Africa, Asia and Europe.

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White House, Congress Take Two-Lane Road to Funding Infrastructure


There are trillions of dollars involved and access to safe, clean transportation for millions of people. The stakes could hardly be higher with thousands of crumbling bridges,

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The Movin’On Challenge Design 2021 awards three pioneering projects for inclusive mobility

The Movin'On Challenge Design 2021 awards three pioneering projects.
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Movin’On Summit : the key takeways

Movin'On Summit 2021 : The key takeways of the event.
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June 1 – 4, 2021, from Paris, Montreal and Singapore, Movin’On Summit brings together all players in sustainable mobility

All the players in sustainable mobility gathered at the Movin'On Summit.
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Engaging Movin’On Summit live programming revealed

Do not miss this unique opportunity to act for sustainable mobility.
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Startup Booster

Movin’On launches the Movin’On Startup Booster

This new program promotes the creation of partnerships in the field of sustainable mobility.
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Michelin and AFNOR invite experts to join the working session of their Community of Interest

AFNOR and Michelin bring together a panel of experts for a virtual working session.
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Movin’On Digital Meetings: the key takeaways

On March 25th, during the Digital Meetings, 4 main topics were discussed. Discover them.
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