The sustainable mobility talk show

Movin'On Inside is a digital talk-show giving voice to the Movin’On brand and partners. Quarterly, Movin’On communicates widely on the highlights and results of Communities of Interest and showcases the commitment and effective progress of Movin'On partners on one major topic of sustainable mobility challenge.


Hosted by
Asha Sumputh

Movin'On has created a new and unique rendez-vous to decipher some important sustainable mobility challenges we are facing. This is an exciting opportunity to share the achievements made by Movin'On's Communities of Interest. Together, let's move sustainable mobility forward.


(Re)discover the first episode of Movin'On Inside!
An uncompromising deep dive into urban mobility.
What are the winning choices for cities in the face of societal and environmental imperatives? How can they find the right balance between economic impacts and the need for a strategic vision?


60 minutes to explore, decipher and answer questions related to the decarbonization of the one billion cars on the road: a pressing challenge.
Doing more - Doing better - Doing it now.