The sustainable mobility talk show

Stakeholders share their visions, Movin'On its achievements and young people their aspirations. Elected representatives, transport authorities, CEOs and experts bring unique knowledge and perspectives through reports, debates, feedback and the showcasing of solid results.

Inside Urban Mobility

(Re)discover the first episode of Movin'On Inside!
An uncompromising deep dive into urban mobility.

What are the winning choices for cities in the face of societal and environmental imperatives? How can they find the right balance between economic impacts and the need for a strategic vision?

By 2030, we will see an inexorable increase in car traffic in cities, resulting in more noise, more pollution and more congestion. So what are the solutions on the table? Is there a real alternative to private cars in our city centres?

All-in-one digital offers raise hopes for the private and public sector, but also many questions.

Annelise Avril (Keolis Group), Suzanne Hoadley (Polis Network), Ronan Perrier (Arval BNP Paribas Group) and Aurélien Cottet (Instant System) share sometimes diverging points of view in this race to mobility as a service.

Follow the debate and let's move forward together on one of the biggest urban mobility challenges.


OnDijon, 3 years later. Go behind the scenes of an internationally awarded Smart City. From the project’s strategic vision to the choice of Open Data and a public-private ecosystem, our guests reveal all.

Boston, Montreal and Lyon have joined forces to draw up a Manifesto outlining a framework for sharing mobility data. Next step? Collective experimentation around curbside management.

Discover this international pilot project.

A group of companies are working together to standardise data to protect cities from the risks of being over-depentend on service providers. Their goal? To make the Smart City accessible to all cities.

Do you want to get involved? Join the discussion.

The younger generations also feel concerned by the data issues that are central to their lives as citizens, and they have expressed high expectations from public authorities, cities and companies hoping they will act with them and speed things up.

Hear direct from the source the aspirations of the first truly multimodal generation.

Hosted by Asha Sumputh

"Movin'On has created a new and unique rendez-vous.

In this first episode of Movin’On Inside, I am in the company of elected officials, business leaders, intellectuals, and renowned experts to decipher some important sustainable mobility challenges we are facing.

This is an exciting opportunity to share the achievements made by Movin'On's Communities of Interest, and to hear from the younger generation.

Together, let's move sustainable mobility forward"