Movin'On Inside, the sustainable mobility talk show, is back. For this third episode, we will be focusing on new decarbonization models for maritime transport.

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This third episode focuses on successfully decarbonizing maritime transportation. Transporting better, transporting sustainably, well - yes, but how?

For 60 minutes, we explore, decipher and respond to the challenges of sustainable growth for a new ocean economy.

Can shippers influence shipping companies' environmental policy?

The stakes are high for maritime transport. The International Maritime Organization is putting pressure on key players to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2050.

Who among the shipowners and loaders is going to set the pace? A new Movin'On debate that brings together key industry players.


The current maritime transport market represents 90% of world trade. Some sector players are already multiplying initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, but the wide range of approaches makes it difficult to adopt a common path. So, who should take the lead?

Some players have chosen to take advantage of LNG and build a zero-carbon future. But what is LNG? What does it imply in terms of infrastructure, and how does it shape the future of maritime transport?

Regional ports, a new territory for energy transition

Movin'On and its partners from the Communities of Interest - from Bilabo to Brest - demonstrate that regional ports also play a decisive role in this race to decarbonize...
Discover these ambitious projects and the behind-the-scenes of port issues.

Wisamo's success story: the inflatable wing that decarbonizes maritime transport

At the World Summit on Sustainable Mobility, Michelin unveiled an astonishing innovation in a rather unexpected field: maritime transport... Gildas Quemeneur talks to us about this incredible Wisamo adventure.

Hosted by Asha Sumputh

"Take an unprecedented dive into the decarbonisation of maritime transport.

In this third episode of Movin’On Inside, I am in the company of elected officials, business leaders, intellectuals, and renowned experts to decipher some important sustainable mobility challenges we are facing.

Do shippers have the power to influence the environmental policies of shipping companies? Are regional ports the new hubs for the energy transition? Could liquefied natural gas bunkering be the solution?

This is an exciting opportunity to share the achievements made by Movin'On's Communities of Interest."