Movin'On Inside, the sustainable mobility talk show, is back for a second episode.
On the agenda for this new edition? 60 minutes to explore, decipher and answer questions related to the decarbonization of the one billion cars on the road: a pressing challenge.

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With more than one billion cars on the road, the challenges of decarbonisation are ambitious and the fronts of attack numerous: energy efficiency, optimising usages, recovering materials and recycling. What approaches should be adopted? What results can we expect?

Renewing today's existing car fleet or extending its lifespan: between ideal and reality

Today, there are more than one billion vehicles on our roads. They account for 21% of the carbon emissions from global transport.

So how can we reduce their environmental footprint, from today?

With their own strong ideas, our guests will share their vision of this race to decarbonize.


The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution driven by a clear overriding goal: achieving carbon neutrality for vehicles by 2035.

Changing existing cars for cleaner alternatives may seem like the ideal solution.

However, there are certain realities to consider if we want to move to a 100% zero-emission fleet by 2035.

Recycling is a key lever for reducing the environmental footprint of our cars. But what exactly happens to a car at the end of its life?

To learn more about the process, our journalist Antoine Perrin set out to discover RE-SOURCE by INDRA, one of the factories that recycles our cars.

The challenging equation of recycled plastics from end-of-life vehicles

A group of companies is working within Movin'On to increase the recyclability of vehicles by achieving an economic balance that remains problematic.

Find out more about this ambitious project and what goes on behind the scenes of automotive recycling.

The existing car fleet faced with the challenge of rare metals

Reporter and author Guillaume Pitron, an expert on rare metals, talks to us about the now critical issue of the use and recycling of certain raw materials from combustion vehicles.

A challenge that will continue to grow under the effects of energy transition.

Hosted by Asha Sumputh

"Movin'On invites you to dive into the heart of the crucial and immediate challenge of decarbonising our cars.

During this unique event, Movin'On shares some of the concrete actions being carried out by our « Re-Cycle » Community of Interest to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles already on the road.

I am joined by renowned experts from the automotive industry, equipment and vehicle manufacturers, not to mention representatives from civil society, an NGO, journalist, reporter and rare metals expert. »