From ambition to action
The ecosystem of sustainable mobility

From ambition to action
The ecosystem of sustainable mobility


Labs at the Movin’On 2019 Summit: hello, new ideas

If you’ve attended the Movin’On Summit in the past, you probably remember the Labs. Perhaps you even took part in one of these experiences, which are designed to bring out new ideas by getting you out of your comfort zone. Labs are unique learning experiences that take place in atypical environments that will throw participants...

What Innovative technologies have been presented at Movin’On Summit ?

Data and intelligence represent both the solutions to and sources of concern regarding most transportation challenges. When it comes to determining who owns the data, how to protect it and its most effective uses, the answers are not always clearly defined. As we approach 2021 — the target year for the implementation of the automated...

Learning, thinking, doing: how working sessions are moving from ambition to action at the Movin’On Summit

It’s one thing to listen to an inspiring talk, but nothing beats putting concepts to the test yourself. That’s why working sessions are such an important part of the Movin’On Summit experience. In the form of a 90-minute Think Tank led by renowned experts, working sessions engage participants in a collaborative activity based on their...

2019 programming


Discover what has been discussed at 2019 Movin’On Summit

The Movin’On Summit, June 4-6, offered a tremendous program .

By taking a moment to review the roster of world-class speakers and guests, you can see who has contributed by their expertise to the conversation.



For people living with disabilities, and beyond: accessibility benefits all

By designing transportation solutions accessible to people living with disabilities, startups, labs and investors. 

According to the World Health Organization, 15% of the world’s population lives with a disability. That’s roughly 785 million people, while 20-40% of people living with disabilities in high-income countries do not have their everyday needs met. These statistics remind...

Fleets of the future: car ownership and beyond

What does the future of car ownership look like, and how will we get there? A swing at cracking the code.


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Can shared mobility make you feel free

Representatives from a car manufacturer, a carsharing service and an innovator of the MaaS concept talk about shared mobility.

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Priority boarding for eco-design

With four times less noise emission, 20% less fuel consumption than similar aircrafts and up to 13,000 pounds lighter, Bombardier’s CSeries eco-design didn’t fly unnoticed.