Is Africa ready for
an electric vehicle transition?

Movin'On is pleased to present a special edition of Movin'On Inside, focused on the Movin'On Impact event organized by TotalEnergies in Cameroon.

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This Special Edition of Movin'On Inside reveals exclusive reports to explore and decipher the opportunities and challenges associated with the future of electric transportation on the African continent.

Africa in the age of
electric two-wheelers

In this exclusive report, we look back at the Movin'On Impact hosted by TotalEnergies in Yaounde. This event explored how to transition towards innovative two-wheeler mobility solutions by focusing on the concrete example of Ampersand in Kenya.


3 minutes to understand the challenges of Africa's transition towards electric mobility.

While transportation accounts for 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Africa, the sub-Saharan vehicle fleet is expected to grow from 25 million vehicles today to 58 million by 2040. On a global scale the future of cars looks increasingly electric, what is the situation in Africa?

In September, TotalEnergies organized a Movin'On Impact event in Yaounde dedicated to Electric Mobility and creating awareness for road safety.

Géraldine Pinol, Head of Sustainable Mobility and Prospective, TotalEnergies Marketing & Services, presents the concrete actions they are taking with their partners in Africa.

The role of commercial
electric vehicles in Africa's
global energy transition

Discover how Greenride, the first electric mobility service in Cameroon, is pioneering a solution to get around using solar electricity. Let’s make the most of this unique opportunity to explore the role of commercial electric vehicles in Africa's global energy transition.

How can Africa take a giant leap towards sustainable mobility?

Get insights from our guest of honour, Nancy Vandycke, Programme Director at Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) and Senior Economist at the World Bank, about this question on everyone's mind.

Hosted by Asha Sumputh

"On the program our usual features, enhanced with practical cases and field interviews, focused on the major challenges of electric mobility in Africa:

  • Africa’s mobility at the center of new challenges
  • Africa in the age of electric two-wheelers - Case study of Ampersand in Kenya
  • The role of commercial electric vehicles in Africa's global energy transition - Case study of Greenride in Cameroon
  • Africa's leapfrog towards ever more sustainable mobility