The objective of this initiative? Imagine together how to integrate the experience, intelligence, and knowledge of people in poverty when designing tomorrow’s mobility. The workshops highlighted the obstacles and levers to involve those who are financially disadvantaged in designing inclusive, sustainable forms of mobility. Hindrances include lack of impetus from shareholders and public organisms to take the needs of this group into account, their difficulties in speaking publicly through existing consultation mechanisms, and the fact that current data collection methods are not yet able to measure the non-use of different mobility solutions. Each organisation has been invited to use this approach to explore ways to collect and integrate the experience and knowledge of people living in poverty in our consultations, decisions, and actions.

Content Leaders

Léo Berenger Benteux
@ATD Quart Monde
Frédéric Maillot
@ATD Quart Monde

Community Announcement presented by ATD Quart Monde - Including people living in poverty in mobility decisions

How can we include the experience and intelligence of people living in poverty in mobility debates and decisions?