Hydrogen fuel cells have begun to emerge as a the leading technology to power heavy duty freight trucks as shown in the AZETEC project led by the Alberta Motor Transport Association. In this Community of Interest, the participants will expand on the AZETEC project findings to generate solutions that can advance the fuel cell technology while meeting the needs of the trucking sector, identify the factors that will make Blue and Green hydrogen supply corridors successful, identify what policy and regulation changes will be required to transition to a hydrogen economy and how the adoption of a hydrogen economy by the trucking sector can benefit other industries.

Content Leaders

Jessica Lof
@University of Calgary
Marcel Pouliot
@Trimac Transportation
Robert Radulescu


Hydrogen has become an important driver in the transition to sustainable transport. The trucking sector today is essential for the economy and the well- being of society. It is also a large consumer of diesel fuel and accounts for 9% of Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The industry is poised for innovation, particularly with the conversion of diesel-powered heavy transport trucks to hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks.

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