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This business community was created in early 2021 by IDDRI and SLOCAT with the support of Movin’On to drive global conversations about the future of supply chains compatible with the deep decarbonization of the freight transport and logistics sector.

Based on the understanding of zero carbon supply chains, this community builds common messages to contribute to increase the ambition and accelerate the sectoral implementation of the transition and bring them in national and international processes such as the revision and implementation of NDCs, but also of national long-term strategies (LTS) as well as the Global Stocktake process in 2022-23.

June 2021:
Preliminary MasterClass and Official Kick-off meeting at Movin'On Summit

October 2021:
Side Event at the 2nd UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference

November 2021:
Publication of the Note and event at COP26

S1 2022:
Sectoral conversations with international stakeholders

Content Leaders

Yann Briand
@IDDRI and @SciencesPo Paris
Liza Castillo
@SLOCAT Partnership
Mark Major
@SLOCAT Partnership


This 4-page note presents three business transformations, which could lead to a systemic transition in industrial systems and affect the structure of transport and logistics systems contributing to reach zero emission freight transport by mid-century.

Key Learnings


Carbon neutral freight transport requires strategic actions by companies in support of systemic transitions in industrial systems.


Key business actions in support of carbon neutrality include:

  • Revisiting existing industrial processes and business models to reduce the number of freight movements;
  • Revamping industrial facilities and suppliers to reduce the spatially fragmented supply chains;
  • Changing logistics organizations and lowering transport service levels to support the consolidation of flows and facilitate modal shift.


The capacity and incentive for companies to implement systemic transitions required by carbon neutrality depends on the environment in which they operate, which is in turn critically conditioned by public policy.

Structured cooperation between business actors and national and local governments is therefore a critical enabler to accelerate action towards carbon neutrality.

Discover in video the kick-off Masterclass of this Community of Interest

Paul Watkinson, former chair of UNFCCC/SBSTA and chief negotiator for France during COP21, speaks about "Implementing the Paris Agreement: the key contributions of businesses".

Maruxa Cardama, Secretary General of the Partnership on Sustainable and Low Carbon Transport (SLOCAT), speaks about "Trends and expectations for transport sector transformations".

Henri Waisman, Director of Deep Decarbonization Pathways initiative at IDDRI and is co-author of IPCC Report « Global Warming of 1.5°C », speaks about the "What structural transformations are needed to reach the “well below 2 degrees” objectives - and what it means for companies".